" BEYOND THE HORIZON"  & "All the Bishop's Men" & "The Vein To The Heart" & "The Nemo Murders"

C. P. Holsinger​


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When the call came in to the Phoenix Police Department stating that the body of a well known television news personality and part time anchor, Marti Montgomery had been found brutally murdered, Detective Lieutenant Nick Greer was called to the scene.

Nick was the lead detective of the elite Phoenix Special Investigations Unit, a small, specially chosen squad, whose duties were to tackle special, mostly high-profile cases. The murder of a noted media personality would no doubt fit that description.

Nick and his partner, the ever surprising and sometimes rogue Sonny Madison find themselves challenged as the list of victims begins to grow and so does the list of suspects. Was it a stalker? A jealous wife?  A resentful co-worker? A jilted lover?
Or was it someone else?

Nick finds himself distracted as a family crisis occupies his attention but then unexpectedly offers him a clue to a killer's identity.

This third installment of the Nick Greer murders is the most challenging of all as the bodies begin to pile up and nothing and no one connecting them all can be found. The surprise ending will leave the reader in shock​.

The Nemo Murders