" BEYOND THE HORIZON"  & "All the Bishop's Men" & "The Vein To The Heart" & "The Nemo Murders"

C. P. Holsinger​


All The Bishop's Men

In C. P. Holsinger's mystery novel, All the Bishop's Men, the quiet community within St. Michael's church in Phoenix is about to be embroiled in controversy.

When the parish priest is found dead of an apparent suicide, Lt. Nick Greer responds to the scene. Though he finds some inconsistencies, real doubts begin to take root when Mike Bradley, a parishioner, shares newly found information with him. From the start of the investigation, the detective runs into a network of resistance from city officials, prodded by pressures from the local bishop's office, to close the case quickly.

Complicated by pressure from his boss, a vindictive ex-wife, and the passion of an unexpected romance, Nick only has a few days to solve the crime. He gets help from his old partner, the jovial, and always unpredictable, Sonny Madison. Together, they uncover a secret den of corruption involving some of the bishop's most trusted staff members and a noted public figure.

The final results are shocking—fraud, forgery, terror, depravity, and murder. All right under the community's and the bishop's nose.

This is not just a whodunit. This book opens the mind to what can happen when proper checks and balances are not in place, or ignored. Did the bishop know? Was he involved? You decide.
Foremost Press, Cedarburg, Wi.