About the Author

Chuck grew up in a small, quiet town in western Pennsylvania, nestled

                  along the  banks of the Ohio river. He loved Rock & Roll, baseball, the

                  Steelers, and Earle Stanley Gardner mysteries.

" BEYOND THE HORIZON"  & "All the Bishop's Men" & "The Vein To The Heart" & "The Nemo Murders"

C. P. Holsinger​


Boy-hood idols like Mickey Mantle,

Johnny Unitas, and John F. Kennedy

still remain in his heart.

After returning from Vietnam, Chuck and his wife, Judy moved to Arizona, where he built  a successful insurance agency in Glendale. 

Now retired, he enjoys spending time with their four daughters, and a plethora of grandchildren.

Chuck is a pilot, and flies when he gets the chance. He still listens to Rock & Roll, (on the oldies station) and he still roots for the Steelers.

Though interests come and go, his love of mysteries has remained. It was that passion that inspired him to write
 "All The Bishop’s Men", "The Vein To The Heart" and "The Nemo Murders".